Notice the Potential and Strength of Others!

Being a leader takes great skills. However, leaders often neglect to see the potential in others.  To lead is to inspire and to instill a desire to achieve potential in others.  If you want to have an impact, notice the people around you, the people who work with and for you.  When you see strengths, point it out to them.  Some may not even realize the possibilities they have building inside of them, and it may take someone like you to help them see it.

The important thing to remember is that everyone has special skills and talents, and many of them go through life without ever realizing their potential.  If these people make up a team, and you help them to realize their strengths, you will have a more valuable team, and you will earn the loyalty of others.  People want to be seen, and when you walk through the day without taking a few moments to truly see the people you connect with, you miss out on an opportunity.

Do not view others as just a worker, view them as a human being, and a valuable asset to your team or organization.  When you change how you perceive the people around you. your view of them will change.  Then, incorporate your ability to pay attention to details.  This is how you will find each remarkable quality that makes others special, and this will make you a better person, and a better leader.  Notice others, and they will notice you!